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The Performer Longboard lives up to its name, as it's designed for surfers who want to focus more on surfing from the tail while still including traditional features like a concave nose and a slightly curved roll under the chest and front foot.


The board's performance rocker, rails, and outline were combined to allow it to surf well in most waves, while also incorporating a slight hip and tail pull for better functionality when surfing at the top and in tight pockets. Additionally, the board's slight rolled convex is blended with a deep spiraling vee, which adds an extra boost when turning.


Many surfers enjoy using this board on both reef breaks and beaches, and it also features a modest concave under the nose for when you want to trim or walk up front for a noseride. The recommended setup for this longboard surfboard model is the standard 2+1.



​Intermediate or advanced surfers


Fin Setup:

2 + 1


Waves & Conditions

Ideal wave size: 3′ – 10′ feet
Surf on: Beach – Reef – Point

Performer Longboard 9'1" - Bali Surf Boards (BSB)

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