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Surf on Luna, our Channel Islands CI MID FCSII! 


The board is a modern classic design created through a collaboration with a Southern Californian surfer named Devon Howard. It has the longer, clean lines of traditional egg and single-fin boards but with modern features that give it sharpness, sensitivity, and freedom.


The board has an average length and is easy to paddle with a low entry rocker and foam at the front. It's suitable for flatter, smaller waves, but really shines in shoulder-high to nearly double overhead point surf, where it offers complete control, speed, and confidence for smooth, arcing turns. With its double-barrel concave, stepped rocker, and hard, slightly curved rails, the CI Mid is a reliable all-rounder that's perfect for any surfer looking for a fun, versatile ride. 

Luna - 7'2" - 52L

PriceFrom 200.000,00Rp
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