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We proudly give you the Blackstone Fish, made by the shapers at Bali Surf Board. 


BSB's custom-designed Blackstone fish is the ultimate summer board with a touch of hybrid design. They wanted to create a board that was unique, just like the waves in Bali. So, they started by tweaking the thickness in the last bit of the nose, giving it a modern feel while maintaining modest volume upfront. The slight vee underneath helps break the bump and provides a stable entry to the take-off.

BSB shapers also extended the rail line to the tail to maintain down-the-line speed, and added a slight sidecut before the tail for when you want to push and drive hard. The tail is slightly narrowed for tighter turns and snaps in the pocket. 


Their riders have taken this board from Sumba to Java and the feedback has been nothing short of excellent. This fish has exceeded the expectations, offering a light and fast ride with a fluid drive that can tackle anything from dead waves to moving swells. Plus, it can be ridden in bigger waves, as our team riders have shown us.

Bali Surf Boards (BSB) - Blackstone Fish

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