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Introducing Abrakadabra, a remarkable surfboard that truly lives up to its name. This board has been designed with the perfect combination of forward width and a round pin tail, making it a true magic board that gets you into waves early and allows for effortless carving.


One of the standout features of Abrakadabra is its use of "carbon flex" technology, which provides torsional linear flex when driving through turns, allowing for smooth transitions from drive into speed. Whether you're surfing knee-high crumbling beach breaks or solid overhead freight train barrels, this board is the ultimate companion that can handle any wave condition.


Not only does Abrakadabra offer superior paddling performance, but it also boasts all the right configurations down in the engine room. It's no surprise that this surfboard is best selling model from the BSB Shapers. Once you ride it, you'll understand why. It's simply the best!

Bali Surf Board (BSB) - Abrakadabra

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